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Have you found your dream home, and are you ready to make a purchase? Are you uncertain what type of a mortgage you might need? If you are answering “YES,” then you should consider yourself in good hands.

If you have an understanding of the basic types of home loans and you are ready to start the process of obtaining financing, please use the “Apply Online Now” link above. If you are uncertain or if you have questions, then continue reading, or please feel free to choose one of our experienced loan officers to contact directly for more information.

Please remember that there are various types of financing available, and it is important to find a loan officer that you can talk to or meet with in person regarding which option best fits your existing needs.

Here are some of the different types of loans that may be available to you:

  1. Fixed-Rate Mortgage Loans
  2. Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM)

Aside from fixed-rate and adjustable-rate, there are other choices as well. There are government-insured (FHA, VA, USDA), or conventional-type loans.

So you may have an opportunity to combine the types of mortgages above. An example might be, an FHA loan with a fixed interest rate, or a conventional home loan with an adjustable rate (ARM).

There is yet another category, a jumbo loan. This would be a loan that exceeds the conforming loan limit which is established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

We would love to have the opportunity to contact you and discuss options that are available to you for your home purchase! To get started, please choose a loan officer and contact them for more information; or fill out our Home Loan Application, and someone will get in touch with you shortly.